Brighter Futures is a not for profit organization serving families aged 0-6 years


We loved Friday mornings Little Learners Virginia Park!  We always looked forward to Friday because we knew we would see our new friends! It introduced me to moms (and dads) of children the same age as my son and we were able to share experiences and learn about parenthood together. We had some wonderful guest speakers to help us understand about baby massage, eating habits, sleeping patterns and more. It was a comfortable environment where we could bond as adults and our children could also grow and learn together. Alisa made everyone feel so welcome and was so helpful and kind to all of us, she asked us what guest speakers we wanted and she was always there to lend a hand when a baby wouldn’t settle. We still sing the songs we learned at Little Learners, especially ‘Take me out of the Bathtub’, ‘Smooth Road’, ‘Sleep my little one’ lullaby and ‘The Rocketship song’. I have been very lucky to remain friends with many of the parents I met at the program and we still stay in contact two years later. I am about to have another baby in January and I am really looking forward to attending the group again! The snacks were awesome too!

Colleen Dobbin Little Learners -Virginia Park

Healthy Baby Club has helped me to understand pregnancy a lot better. When I had questions or concerns the leaders were always so very helpful in answering my questions and alleviating concerns. I absolutely loved being a part of such a great group of expectant moms.

Jennifer New Pennywell- Healthy Baby Club Program.

Brighter Futures is awesome! The coordinators are very helpful  and gives us lots of useful information. I would highly recommend it to any expectant moms. Thanks so much- you guys Rock! 

Kayla Healthy Baby Club- Mount Pearl


Healthy Baby Club


A Healthy Baby Club is a flexible, continuous-entry program that provides support, nurturing and guidance to pregnant mothers. The weekly group meetings provide an opportunity for participants to get together with other pregnant women in a relaxed and friendly environment. Healthy Baby Club is offered in partnership with Eastern Health. You can self-refer to this program if you are in need of some additional support during your pregnancy. Please call our office at 739-8096 for more information!


  • Free weekly food vouchers (to cover the cost of  7 litres of milk, one dozen eggs and fruit/juice)
  •  Prenatal education provided by a Public Health Nurse
  • Nutrition and cooking sessions 
  • Lifestyle counselling and support
  • Ongoing support from a volunteer Resource Mother
  • Transportation and child care (if funding permits)


A Resource Mother is a caring individual from the community whose role is to be a friend and provide peer support to pregnant mothers. She attends weekly group sessions with the pregnant mother and keeps in contact with her through home visits, phone calls, and a hospital visit when the baby is born.



  • The primary goal of the program is to reduce the incidence of low birth-weight babies. Infants who weigh less than 5.5 lbs. (2500 grams) at the time of birth may have serious health problems. Women who are at higher risk of having low birth weight infants may live in poverty, be under stress, be single and/or socially isolated.


(see locations to find a Healthy Baby Club near you!)